Life Coaching and Personal Training


"There is a space in the world that is meant for you, and you alone, and awaits your glory. 

That place is written on your heart in the form of your desires and must be deciphered." 

Gary Barkalow, in "Its Your Call, What are You Doing Here?"



"Body and soul, head and heart.  Mind, spirit, will, emotions.  How do they relate? " 

"How would my life change if I could tap into my full potential?"

Or, on a less metaphysical level, try this, taken from the realm of personal training.  "Can I go from size 14 to size 8 in time for the dance?"  Or, from the guy's side, "Can I lose the beer belly I got in college in time for the company beach party?"  (Closely-held questions, perhaps, but tell me - am I somewhere near your thinking?  Yes?) 

Or maybe, "Can I start my own business?" or "Can we afford a home at Tahoe?" or "Can I ever get along with (fill in the blank)?"  How about, "Can I change jobs in the midst of a recession?"

Worthy questions, worth pursuing.

I heartily believe that whatever desires God has written in your heart, you have what it takes to fulfill them. If God put a specific desire within you to be something or do something, I believe He also gave you all that you need to accomplish this desire - He works that way, you know.

As a simple exercise, may I suggest adding just one word to the above questions and see how it starts you towards your goals.  That word is "How."  So now we have the better questions, "How can I get from size 14 to size 8?" and "How can I lose weight?"  Not to be too technical, but we just moved your questions from content to process, moving from your current story - too big, too small - to the journey you need to take from here.  (Note:  If you're hearing strange flute and drum music in the background, it ain't coming from  here, I don't travel in that genre.) 

What we are asking is, "How can I achieve my desires? " 

Through Life Coaching and Personal Fitness Training, I would enjoy becoming an ally with you as we explore together accomplishing your desires. Through a combination of taking incremental planing steps - including personal fitness training, if you are looking in that direction  - together we will watch your core desires become a reality.  (I view fitness training as a subcategory of life coaching.)     

Keep this in mind - one of Nicole's favorite quotes from someplace or another is: Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you are doing it wrong!

Content, story, process, journey, present and future - let's look at the questions together, shall we?

You have what it takes! 

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